5 Mario Games to 100% During COVID-19 Self-Isolation

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There are few better things to do than to play video games with all the shut downs and stay-at-home orders around the world due to COVID-19. Social distancing, quarantine, self-isolation are all words that are part of our lexicon now.

Why not spend the time at home with Mario while the coronavirus runs its course? There are plenty of great Mario games that you might have not played, or haven't completed 100%.

Dr. Mario wants to stop the coronavirus
Dr. Mario wants to stop the coronavirus

Of course, everyone's gaming goal is different, maybe it might be fun to start a game from the beginning, or try to 100% a file you haven't finished, it's all up to you. But for hardcore Mario fans, going for completion is definitely the worthy goal you should have!

Here are 5 Mario games that you can play (or replay) to help you pass time while you are stuck at home self-isolating.

Super Mario 64 - There are a total of 120 power stars in Super Mario 64, it'll take some time to get every single one of them, especially if you haven't played the game before. For the younger generation, you can see what 90s kids were playing back in the day.

With a potential Super Mario 64 remake coming to the Switch, it may not be the best idea at the moment, but the 64-bit blocky textures do have a little bit of charm. Regardless, Mario's first 3D adventure is always a classic game to come back to.

Super Mario Sunshine - Not everyone's favourite 3D Mario game, but there's plenty of content packed into it with 120 shines in this GameCube hit. Good luck with the retro sections with no long jump ability, getting all the blue coins and fighting with the camera.

But hey, since you can't go out right now and enjoy the warmer weather, maybe being in a tropical place like Isle Delfino can be the next best thing. This is also the only mainline Mario game with full voice acting, which is kind of cool and weird at the same time.

Super Mario Galaxy - This Wii game has an epic story that is great to revisit, taking Mario into a space journey. There are 120 stars to collect as Mario, but once you complete that there are another 120 you can re-do with Luigi to unlock a bonus galaxy, it'll take you weeks to complete it if you don't get bored of the repetition.

However, do note that a Super Mario Galaxy remake might be coming for Switch as well - it'd be far more enjoyable to play this in HD. It may be several months if it does happen, and you have plenty of time to burn right now.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Collecting all 120 regular stars will take one to two weeks of heavy play, and then you can unlock the green star mission with another 120 green stars - which arguably feels like it's own game itself, and then getting yourself to the Grandmaster Galaxy - which is the first of the difficult levels that have become common in Mario games now.

Of course, it's not as memorable as the first Super Mario Galaxy, but it's still a fabulous game on its own, and reliving Mario's second space adventure is still a fun experience.

Super Mario Odyssey - Although it's still considered a newer game, Super Mario Odyssey is still a joy to play again. A standard playthrough to get to Bowser isn't too hard to do, and can be easily done in 2 or 3 days.

However, maybe you want to go bigger than that. How many of you have gotten all 880 unique power moons? What collecting loads of coins to get all 999 moons and max out the Odyssey? Get your grinding game on!

Staying at home for weeks, potentially months is a challenge, and we don't really know when things will get better. Thank you so much to all the health workers and other essential workers. For most of us, all we can do is try our best to do our part to stay home and stop the spread of the coronavirus!

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