Ranking the Super Mario Bros. Wonder Power-ups

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by: Hairball

Super Mario Bros. Wonder features three new power-ups, which is surprisingly little for a major 2D release, given we've seen much more in the New Super Mario Bros. series.

6. Super Mushroom

The iconic red mushroom with white spots that turns Mario big so he can take a hit, it's nice to have, but nothing to get too excited about.

5. Fire Flower

Fire Mario

If you've played any 2D Mario game, you've used this to shoot fireballs at enemies, a basic ability that we've come to know and expect. Great for getting rid of those pesky enemies that you can't stomp such as Piranha Plants or Spinies.

4. Super Star

Another classic Mario item, getting the Super Star turns Mario invincible allowing him to kill any enemy he touches, along with being able to walk on spikes or Munchers. Killing 8 enemies while invincible nets a 1-Up, always a nice to have, despite the fact that lives don't mean much in Mario games anymore.

3. Drill Mushroom

Drill Mario

Drill Mario is very similar to the Spin Drill item in Super Mario Galaxy 2, however in Wonder, Mario can drill into the ground and into the ceiling, along with attacking enemies with the drill on his head. There aren't too many levels that actually have the drill, as a result the mechanic is underutilized and can easily be forgotten.

2. Elephant Fruit

Elephant Mario

Mario turning into an elephant got lots of attention on social media, which helped hype up Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Outside of the hilarity of turning into a huge elephant, and struggling through doors and pipes, this power-up doesn't really offer much beyond using the trunk to whack enemies and objects and the ability to carry large shells. But hey it's good for some laughs, and it can let you take one more hit.

1. Bubble Flower

Bubble Mario

The best power-up in Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the Bubble Flower. Turning into Bubble Mario allows Mario to shoot powerful bubbles that can absorb enemies. Not only that, bubbles can pass through walls, and Mario can also jump on a bubble to be used as a temporary platform. Bubbles are pretty much like an enhanced version of fireballs and are the best power-up in this game.

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