Can Mario ride Yoshi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

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by: Hairball

Yoshi makes his first appearance in a mainline Super Mario game as a playable character in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that Yoshi is a playable character, it means you will not find the familiar Yoshi eggs which allow him to be used as Mario's (or whoever's) sidekick.

Mario riding Yoshi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The only way to ride Yoshi is in local co-op mode, where another player is playing as Yoshi. But, this isn't the way you'd normally expect. In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, when a player rides onto a Yoshi, the player using Yoshi actually is in control.

Yoshi riding Yoshi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

You can also have Yoshi ride another Yoshi, or have Elephant Mario ride Yoshi for fun!

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