Remastered Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy coming to Switch in 2020

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by: Hairball

We've been wondering what's in store for Mario in 2020, as it has been completely dry in terms of gaming news so far. As of right now, there has not been a single Mario release in 2020, nor have there been any official announcements of upcoming games.

What Super Mario games will we see in 2020?

A report from VGC and Eurogamer suggests that there will be a big celebration of the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. by remastering major 3D Mario games for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo is expected to have remastered editions of Super Mario 64 (N64), Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube) and Super Mario Galaxy (Wii).

An enhanced Super Mario Galaxy HD port shouldn't been too difficult to achieve given that it has been shown to run at 1080p on emulators, and it has even seen an official HD release in China on the Nvidia Shield.

Not only these, but a new Paper Mario will be coming later this year, along with a "Deluxe" version of Super Mario 3D World from the Wii U.

As we've pranked numerous times on April Fools Day, remakes of iconic 3D Mario games appear to be finally on the way.

Nintendo's remastered games usually have some bonuses such as new stages and features. It will be exciting to see what comes in store for 2020. Of course, details have yet to have been officially confirmed.

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