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After 9 months, I've finally obtained every main Power Moon in Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch. I wanted to gradually play through the game to enjoy it more instead of rush through it, so I took my time. There are 880 of these Power Moons, and the remaining ones need to be purchased by collecting yellow coins. The reward for getting all the unique moons is a Gold Sail for the Odyssey.

Gold Sail 880 Power Moons

The main game to beat Bowser wasn't very hard, after about three days of game play, a little over 10 hours I had completed the main mission. When I first accomplished this, I was a tad disappointed because it seemed far too easy to get there. I recall spending much more time in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy to get to the final Bowser fight. I tried to limit myself to spoilers so I wasn't too sure what to expect.

What has been called the "post-game" by fans and the gaming media turns out to be quite a treat. When first I heard there was 880 regular moons to search for, I thought that was absurd and that I will never get them all. It just made me think of the insanity of the blue coin search in Super Mario Sunshine. But after playing a bit more, I got hooked on the journey.

Speaking of coins, I've found looking for the purple regional coins a much more enjoyable process than the blue coins in Sunshine. Perhaps this has to do with Mario's much improved agility compared to the Nintendo GameCube days. Regional coins are needed to buy items and get moons as an achievement, so it is a necessity to get these get coins if you want to get every moon.

The postgame additions were fun. There were additional hint art, Koopa races, boss rematches, finding Princess Peach in each kingdom and bonus areas that are new challenges! That there was so much to play after the main story was a pleasant surprise. It's almost as if it was a "thank you" to fans from Nintendo for providing all this stuff. It's like the Special World from Super Mario World, but better.

The Dark Side and Darker Side of the Moon were some of the most enjoyable challenges I've played in a Mario game. There's a fair bit of difficulty to complete these, but I felt such a feeling of accomplishment to get it done. You will definitely need your best Mario platforming skills to get through these! The Breakdown Road and Vanishing Road were some of the hardest challenges I've ever played, but it was so fulfilling to accomplish!

The last moon I ended up getting was the Bound Bowl Class S in the Snow Kingdom. I think I tried doing this at least 50 times, and I've watched a few YouTube videos to guide me. At the end, I think it's just a matter of being patient and consistent with the "bounding" and eventually you'll get it. It just turned out that eventually for me was a very long time...

I'm still 119 moons away from getting 999, it's going to take a bit of grinding to get all these coins. At 100 coins a moon, that is gonna take awhile! In addition, there are many additional costumes to buy through DLC updates. It's nice that Nintendo tried to increase the replayability with these updates, but coin grinding isn't exactly the most fun of things to do. However, looking for balloons in Luigi's Balloon World is a great bonus that lets you get coins fairly easily.

How does Odyssey compare to other 3D Mario titles? I'd rank it as the best, it was a definite improvement Super Mario 3D World. The open world style is definitely something that is much more enjoyable compared to reaching a finish line in stages. I feel Mario is much more suited in this environment as it lets him have much more freedom.The linear stuff, let's keep it for the 2D games.

I can't wait to play more of Super Mario Odyssey, I hope it doesn't end here, bring on a sequel or at least some DLC kingdoms!

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