About SM128C - Super Mario blog and fan site 1998

Super Mario 128 Central is an independent Super Mario fan site that has been online since August 29, 1998. Originally known as Super Mario 64 Central (SM64C) until 2001, we were one of the biggest and most popular Mario websites on the internet, but we ended up being an 18-wheeler going right off a cliff.

In early 2018, we finally unveiled a new responsive web design that will work on mobile devices, and turned the website in a blog-style format that is updated more regularly.

The goal of this website is to be an alternative voice that serves as a niche between the corporate gaming media and the free-for-all of social media.

SM128C is a Canadian-based website.

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Website History

Aug 1998 - Dec 1999: Early beginnings, SM64C was one of the few Mario websites online and this was a period of frequent updates, one of the most popular sources of Mario information.

Jan 2000 - Feb 2001: SM64C finally acquires a domain at sm64c.com. Still going strong. During this period we've also hosted a number of different gaming fan sites.

Feb 2001 - 2007: Rebranded as Super Mario 128 Central, moved to sm128c.com, website still updated on a fairly regular basis. Our old forums had a fairly strong community during this period.

2007 - 2011: Updates have slowed down significantly, typically only once every few months. Traffic was starting to crater at this point.

2011 - 2018: The website was essentially dead except for April Fools Day updates, which were even skipped in 2016 and 2017.

Jan 27, 2018 - present: The current era, Super Mario 128 Central has officially relaunched with a new design, along with a committment to provide more regular updates, focused on independent gaming commentary.

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