Top 10 Classic Super Mario Enemies

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For decades, our hero Mario has gone on so many adventures, to different cities, to space, to the moon, and even to other planets and galaxies. However along the way, to battle his archenemy Bowser, there are a lot of familiar foes that he encounters regardless of what world he is in.

Here are the Top 10 Classic Super Mario Enemies that are the most recognizable and stand out the most in the Mushroom Kingdom.

10. Bob-omb


These walking balls of explosives are commonly found in the Mario universe, while Bob-ombs may seem intimidating, they usually aren't going to explode unless you grab them and the fuse lights up. Bob-ombs are very versatile as they can be used to blow up walls, obstacles and other enemies.

9. Chain Chomp

Chain Chomp

These guys have lots of bark, Chain Chomps were a bit of a nuisance in earlier 2D Mario titles, but the giant barking Chain Chomp in the first course of Super Mario 64 was frightening to many kids of that generation. Nowadays Chain Chomps are a bit more toned down and seem to bark much more happily and no longer demonstrate that type of aggression.

8. Cheep Cheep

Cheep Cheep

Cheep Cheeps are pretty much the Goombas of the ocean, unfortunately you can't jump on them in the water, but when they are above water, you can kill them with a stomp! Like many Mario enemies, they were pretty scary looking in the 8 bit days, but now these are happy-go-lucky looking fish that are enjoying themselves out there.

7. Hammer Bros.

Hammer Bro

Hammer Bros. usually appear in pairs tossing hammers repeatedly, and in the original Super Mario Bros. they were some of the most difficult enemies to defeat. You were best off just running by them. In recent games such as Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Odyssey they seem to have toned down the rate of their attacks.

6. Lakitu (and Spinies)


Lakitus were one of the most frustrating enemies to deal with when they follow Mario around in a cloud and toss Spinies at him from the air. They've become more of a rarity in recent times, and sometimes Lakitu is an ally, such as when he plays the cameraman in Super Mario 64.

5. Bullet Bill

Bullet Bill

Once upon a time, Bullet Bills were mindlessly just launching into straight lines, but now they've developed some more skill and move around 3D space more freely in all directions to chase down Mario.

4. Boo


Boos are the gatekeepers of creepy ghost houses, despite their name and scary nature, Boos are actually quite timid, they (usually) just cause Mario when he has their back turned, and cover their eyes in fear when Mario is looking. Getting to be a Boo as Boo Mario was a great joy in Super Mario Galaxy.

3. Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant

In early games, these carnivorous plants are scary, and can lunge at Mario, usually they can't be killed with a stomp, as you'd need a fireball or another item to hit it to destroy. Hiding in pipes throughout the Mushroom Kingdom, these are definitely one of the most iconic enemies. In many newer games, Piranha Plants can actually be killed with a stomp as their teeth don't always face up.

2. Koopa Troopa

Koopa Troopa

Koopa Troopas are versatile enemies. The green ones just walk around mindlessly and even into holes, red ones patrol around, and when you jump on them - their shells can be thrown and kicked around, and can be used as a swimming aid.

Perhaps due to evolution, these turtle-like creatures are typically walking on two legs now, instead of on all four legs like in classic the early Mario games.

Not all Koopas are bad guys, Koopa the Quick is a friendly Koopa that you can race in Super Mario 64, and there are similar Koopas called the Roving Racers in Super Mario Odyssey, and there are a few other Koopas scattered around that host games that give Power Moons too!

1. Goomba


People often say you don't forget your first love, but maybe you don't always forget your first enemy either, the Goomba is definitely one of the most classic enemies, it's often what you encounter in the first stage of a Super Mario game!

These rotten mushrooms are mindless drones that can easily be killed with a single stomp - assuming you know how to hit the jump button… but who hasn't died at the hands of that first Goomba in Super Mario Bros. World 1-1?

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