How many Power Stars are in Super Mario 64?

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by: Hairball

By the official count, Super Mario 64 for the N64 has 120 Power Stars in all. 105 of them are located in the 15 courses, and there are 15 castle secret Power Stars.

Mario collecting a star - Super Mario 64

In each of the 15 courses scattered across paintings and other areas of Princess Peach's Castle, there are 6 regular Power Stars, and an additional bonus star that requires collecting 100 coins in the course - to make a total of 7 Power Stars. 15 multiplied by 7 is 105, so that makes up the 105 Power Stars. Add the extra 15, and you get a grand total of 120 Power Stars.

120 is also the total number of shines that need to be collected in Super Mario Sunshine. In Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, 120 is also the number of stars you must collect in the "main" part of the game.

120 - a number that has become a bit of a standard in Mario 3D platformers!

But is there a 121st Power Star? That depends how you look at it.

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