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Playing as Yoshi or Nabbit in Super Mario Bros. Wonder is effectively playing the game in "easy mode". They are great options for platformer novices, or just as a way to get by a tough challenge during the adventure in the Flower Kingdom.

Yoshi and Nabbit in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Nabbit started becoming a playable character in New Super Luigi U, and has since been playable in the main game of New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, as well.

The four varieties of Yoshis (green, red, yellow, light blue) and Nabbit are all invincible and do not take damage from enemies. They are also in the "Super" form by default and will never become small, and they cannot use any standard power-ups such as a Super Mushroom or a Fire Flower. However both characters can still die from falling into lava or a bottomless pit, or by being crushed by an obstacle or a wall.

Overall, Yoshi is a better character to use compared to Nabbit because he has the ability to eat enemies and he has a flutter jump that can give you an extra boost on top of the standard jump.

Nabbit is only capable of doing standard jumps like the rest of the cast in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. However, Nabbit does have a certain advantage, if he is hit by an enemy, he will not get stunned like how Yoshi does, which allows him to breeze through stages.

This can be especially useful for getting by hazards such as rotating fire bars. Yoshi getting stunned over a bottomless pit can easily lead to his demise, whereas Nabbit will not get affected.

If you're having trouble with the stages approaching Castle Bowser or the Special World, try using Yoshi or Nabbit to help with the journey!

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