Where is the 121st Power Star in Super Mario 64?

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There are actually 121 Stars in Super Mario 64, you may just have not noticed it. By the official count, there are 120 Power Stars in Super Mario 64. 105 in the standard 15 courses and the 15 Secret Castle Power Stars, which give it a total of 120.

120 is also the number of standard Power Stars that were found in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. There were also 120 Power Shines in Super Mario Sunshine.

There has long been speculation of a 121st Power Star in Super Mario 64, but if you played through the game and paid careful attention to the details, you will realize that it was actually always there!

In the third and final Bowser battle - Bowser in the Sky, after defeating Bowser, a giant Power Star appears, which is about twice the size as a regular star. Presumably, this would be Star #121, but it doesn't count towards the game totals - the game simply freezes after the ending sequence. It just gives Mario the Wing Cap for his victory lap for successfully rescuing Princess Peach and restoring the power of the stars to her castle.

Super Mario 64 - the 121st Power Star
The 121st Power Star - too bad it doesn't count!

Since this star can never be truly "collected", it will always appear in the golden form (and never greyed out) when you defeat Bowser for the third and final time. In successive games like Super Mario Galaxy, this would be analogous to a "Grand Star", which is in fact collectible and counts as a star in the game totals.

Even today, it's still pretty cool to play Super Mario 64 though the graphics are a bit dated. There have been many rumours recently of a Super Mario 64 remake for the Nintendo Switch, an enhanced remake with new graphics would definitely be something to look forward to.

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