Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct 8.8.2018 Summary and Reactions

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by: Hairball

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct was just live streamed this morning. It was definitely jam packed with information. It is a hotly anticipated game for the Nintendo Switch.

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Here's a quick summary:

- crossover with Castlevania, introduced by Luigi being freaked out in his Luigi's Mansion costume
- over 100 stages (both new and old)
- New Donk City Hall stage!!!
- ability to have an option to morph between stages in a battle
- new items
- Echo Fighters - that let you combine abilities from two characters
- over 800 music tracks from various game series, ability to select tracks from a given series on a stage
- ability to listen to music tracks like a MP3 player in portable mode
- classic N64 style stages with the old pixelated look for nostalgia
- numerous customization battle options, including a hit point based mode and option to turn off hazards that show up in stages
- introduction of King K. Rool as a playable character from the Donkey Kong Country series

Overall, my impression is that this Smash is loaded and there should be something for everyone. But it may also be overwhelming too those that aren't too familiar with the Smash series. The incredible number of characters, stages, and options will make balancing the game incredibly difficult.

I'm not the biggest Smash fan, and mainly just play casually, I feel like a lot of what we have seen on Ultimate so far is tailored towards the hardcore Smash fans and for the competitive gaming scene.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is scheduled for release on December 7, 2018.

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