World Maps, Classic Power-Ups in Free Super Mario Maker 2 Update

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There's one more major update coming to Super Mario Maker that will be coming out tomorrow - April 22. This will be the final update for Super Mario Maker 2 and there are many significant editions as announced by Nintendo on social media yesterday.

The seven Koopalings are back and can be placed into courses as bosses, in every style except for Super Mario 3D World. Since Koopalings only started to exist in Super Mario Bros. 3, that means they have backported sprites into the original SMB style.

Super Mario Maker 2 will have a new World Maker mode that allows makers to create worlds for courses as well. Up to 8 worlds can be created with a total of up to 40 courses. The world maps appear to be only in the Super Mario World style, but any style stage can be placed into the world.

It's as if Nintendo outsourced the entire 2D Mario game development to makers!

World Map in Super Mario Maker 2

There's a huge variety of power-ups that have been added to Super Mario Maker 2.

Nintendo hasn't forgotten about Super Mario Bros. 2, with a new SMB2 Mushroom for the SMB style. When in SMB2 form, Mario loses his traditional "stomp" ability, instead he will be standing on enemies and can pick them up and toss.

The frog suit is here too! Remember being a frog in Super Mario Odyssey? The origins were actually from Super Mario Bros. 3. Frog Mario has increased swimming ability, and not only that he can walk along the surface of water.

In the Super Mario World style, the Power Balloon has been added back in, but instead of just floating around in balloon form, Mario can actually move in all directions, giving you complete control.

The Super Acorn in the New Super Mario Bros. U style lets you glide again as Flying Squirrel Mario.

The Super Mario 3D World gets the most additional power-ups including: Boomerang Flower (to be able to throw boomerangs like a Boomerang Bro), Cannon Box, Propeller Box, POW Box, Goomba Mask, Bullet Bill Mask.

The Cannon Box (allowing to shoot cannons) and Propeller Box (allowing Mario to spin straight into the air like he does as Propeller Mario) were previously in the actual Super Mario 3D World game. The POW Box is like having a 3-time use POW block.

The Goomba Mask and Bullet Bill Mask are pretty much coming right out of the Super Mario Odyssey playbook, basically letting you become like those enemies.

There are a couple of new mechanics as well. The Cursed Key in SMB style will unleash Phanto (from SMB2) to chase after one of the players. On/Off Trampolines for Super Mario 3D World are trampolines that can be activated or disabled with a switch.

Also, we have another new enemy, the wind-up Mechakoopas that were originally from Super Mario World. Besides the regular ol' green lines, there are red and blue versions. The red Mechakoopas will shoot homing missiles, and the blue ones are even scarier and will shoot laser beams. The blue ones will even fly at night. Looks like these guys got a significant upgrade to protect Bowser's castle!

Source: Nintendo YouTube

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