Getting Your Significant Other Into Mario Games

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When I first started dating my girlfriend (now wife), I was already a video game expert that has been playing Mario games since childhood. Not trying to stereotype here, but like most girls I knew, she didn't really have much history of playing video games. As part of dating, you get to know each other's interests and hobbies. Gaming is obviously one of mine.

Peach giving Mario a kiss

For a gamer, it's not always fun if your boyfriend or girlfriend isn't a gamer, but thankfully, the Mario series is quite accessible and open to everyone, so it might not be so bad.

Here are some tips on how you can nudge your partner into the dream gamer girlfriend or gamer boyfriend that you always wanted:

1. Play something together, this one is obvious, you won't get familiar with how things work in the Mario universe unless you actually get exposed to it. Multiplayer games such as Mario Kart work great, especially Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which has an assist mode - great for novices who have trouble saying on the track. Super Mario Party also has a great collection of mini-games, but just be cautious about playing a regular Mario Party board as there's all sorts of randomness that might make your partner mad!

2. Have them watch you play, and Impress with your platforming skills. Doing a long jump with Cappy dive always looks impressive. Be cocky and do show off your speed run skills in Super Mario Maker. This'll show that Mario games aren't just for kids!

3. Start by using the right lingo. Insist on calling the characters the right names, definitely don't call Koopa Troopas "turtles" it's a travesty! They're some of the best enemies in the Mario series, don't mess up their name! Of course, be gentle when trying to correct them.

You can also say "shades" like how Moe-eye does in Super Mario Odyssey when you put on your sunglasses in real life! Have some fun with it!

4. Don't be judgy about one's video game knowledge - be open minded and patient to talk to them about gaming if they are asking this topic. This applies to any topic pretty much, people are self-centred these days!

5. Buy some collectibles to decorate at home, just so they get a reminder of how much you love Mario! I have a bunch of World of Nintendo figures and plush toys at home. My wife is a big fan of Dry Bones so I got her one of those for our collection!

Mario, Cheep Cheep and Dry Bones stuffed toys

6. Dress up in Nintendo gear, there's actually a wide variety of Mario-themed t-shirts, clothes and accessories that you can buy. Walmart, Target and Uniqlo are great places to look for apparel at reasonable prices.

Uniqlo Super Mario 35th anniversary t-shirts
Uniqlo Super Mario 35th anniversary t-shirts (Source: NintendoSoup)

7. And finally, once we're safe from COVID-19, and when it opens, visit Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios! If they don't mess it up, this might be a Nintendo's fan dream come true!

If this keeps up without destroying your relationship, sooner or later, you will have a partner that plays Mario games! Or at least… won't roll your eyes when you talk in Mario lingo. Ok, or maybe they'll wear a Mario t-shirt with you on a date, so you can look cute together in a selfie. That isn't so bad, right?

Finally, I just want to make it clear, we didn't have a Nintendo-themed wedding, that would be a little bit too much...

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