Top 5 Mario Long Jumps for February 29 - Leap Day

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Happy Leap Day! February 29 only comes once every four years, except in special cases where the year is divisible by 100 and not 400. Mario is one of the most famous "leapers" in video game history as he has shown a knack for jumping incredibly long distances, wherever his adventures take him.

Mario taking a leap for February 29

To celebrate the rare occasion, let's look at some of Mario's most memorable long jumps over the years.

5. The regular jump in the air (Super Mario Bros.)

Mario jumping in Super Mario Bros.

Mario's jumping with his fist in the air is one of his most iconic images. Not only that, he's able to clear some fairly big gaps with his uncanny leaping skills.

4. Yoshi sacrifice jump (Super Mario World)

Mario jumping off Yoshi in Super Mario World

This is a total jerk move by Mario where he dumps his good friend Yoshi into a bottomless pit, but that extra airtime from dismounting Yoshi can be a lifesafer - for Mario that is.

3. The "OG" long jump (Super Mario 64)

Super Mario 64 Long Jump

In Super Mario 64, we are introduced to Mario's now famous long jump where he runs crouches and makes a great leap forward to cover a significant distance. The long jump has continued to be a staple in Mario games ever since, except when he had amnesia lost the ability in Super Mario Sunshine. Long jumps with Mario are fun, ya-hoo!

2. Long jump with Luma spin (Super Mario Galaxy / Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Long Jump with Luma spin - Super Mario Galaxy

The long jump has become a staple since Super Mario 64, but in the Super Mario Galaxy games, we get a new addition, Luma (who is hiding in under Mario's cap) can give Mario an extra spin boost to clear a little more ground.

These advanced jumps are definitely a skill you will need to master to complete the Green Star Challenge in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

1. Long jump with Cappy bounce and dive (Super Mario Odyssey)

Long jump with Cappy bounce and dive - Super Mario Odyssey

There is no doubt, this is the best long jump Mario has ever had. Mario gets a significant boost when he bounces off Cappy during a long jump and it's actually a move you do need to use in more challenging segments to collect every single Power Moon. If you want to clear even more space, add a dive after the Cappy bounce and you can cover even more territory!

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