Crazy Cap music loop sounds like an actual Japanese store!

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by: Hairball

Crazy Cap is a chain store that is found throughout the kingdoms of Super Mario Odyssey. Hats, outfits and souvenirs can be purchased at the store with regular coins and regional coins found during Mario's adventure.

Mario window shopping at Crazy Cap store

The stores come in a variety of retail formats staffed by different employees, but it does have one thing that is the same everywhere - the music.

As you approach the Crazy Cap store you can hear the store's theme song in the background letting you know of its existence for you to spend your hard earned coins. And while you're inside the store browsing through the stock, it's on repeat as well.

The Crazy Cap music is catchy and upbeat - perfectly suited for a Mario game, you might want to even sing to the tune, but if you listen to it for too long, it might drive you crazy.

The music reminded me of a real-life Japanese chain store called Don Quijote that I shopped at when I visited Japan a couple of years ago. Don Quijote is a discount department store that also sells groceries, much like Walmart, and it can be found throughout the country.

Every store plays this song called "Miracle Shopping" on loop. Similar to Crazy Cap, it's catchy, upbeat and very repetitive. Sure, the songs aren't super similar, but there's definitely some sort of resemblance here - and it probably is not a coincidence. Don Quijote is far from the only store that has background music in Japan, but it's one that you will definitely notice when you step inside.

Don Quijote store in Japan

Don Quijote's logo/mascot also features a cute blue penguin - sort of similar to the ones found in the Mario universe that were introduced in Super Mario 64.

It goes to show that video games can sometimes be a way to get a peek inside a different culture - in this case Japanese shopping culture, and learn a little more about it!

What do you think of Crazy Cap and its music? Do you love it or hate it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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