Paper Mario - Yoshi is Playable!

Posted on Apr 1, 2001 12:00 AM EDT by: Hairball

Less than 2 months after the release of Paper Mario in North America, a huge secrets has been discovered in the game. Many gamers have asked: "Are there any other playable characters in Paper Mario? Well guess what, Yoshi is indeed a playable character in Paper Mario.

Several professional game hackers, who refused to reveal their real names, sent SM128C, the Paper Mario Secrets Report, and in that report it contained information that Yoshi, can become a playable character in Paper Mario, for the Nintendo 64. Once completing certain tasks, Yoshi will become a "party member" in your game, and you can use him like any other party member, such as Goombario, Kooper, and Parakarry.

The group provided us with this 10-page report on the discovery of Yoshi as a playable character in Paper Mario, also included several screenshots from Paper Mario, showing the validity of this report.

The accompanying Paper Mario screenshots are posted below:

Yoshi on the list of "Party Members" below Lakilester

Mario and Yoshi in Toad Town

Mario and Yoshi in Attack Mode against a Koopa and a Goomba

Mario and Yoshi in an "Shiver City"

The report revealed details including: how to get Yoshi in Paper Mario, what significant roles he plays, and speculation on other possible secrets that possibly exist in the game.

Here are the exact instructions to get Yoshi in Paper Mario, as quoted from the Paper Mario Secrets Report:

After completing these exact instructions, Yoshi will be part of your party team, just like the other party members, and they can be summoned whenever you need to use them. Yoshi has some powerful attacks too, so Bowser won't be as hard to defeat!

SM128C attempted to contact Nintendo of America regarding this story, but they didn't give us a very detailed an informative response.

The Nintendo representative we spoke to on the phone replied, "There can't be any possible way for Yoshi to be a playable character in Paper Mario, this is all bogus."

Now that it has been proven that Yoshi is actually a playable character in Paper Mario, what other secrets are hidden in the game? What other secrets may Paper Mario or any other video game withhold? More characters, more bosses? Or even a totally hidden level? We just have to wait and see.

-- Hairball

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