What's on the laptop and newspaper in Super Mario Odyssey?

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New Donk City in the Metro Kingdom is one of the most fascinating areas you will visit in Super Mario Odyssey. Obviously, it is based off New York City but with a Donkey Kong related theme, hence "Donk" is in the name, along with many DK references found throughout the kingdom.

On the building to the west of the New Donk City Hall, there is a rooftop cafe. Did you care to stop and take a look at what is on the laptop screens?

Apparently, New Donkers are a comformative bunch, and if you observe closely all the laptops up in the rooftop cafe, they all have the same thing on the screen.

Super Mario Odyssey Laptop Screen

They appear to show a news article about a Moon Rock. In most kingdoms, including the Metro Kingdom, there is a large mysterious grey cube located somewhere. After defeating Bowser, the Moon Rocks will glow and they can be activated by throwing Cappy several ties. Once activated, the Moon Rock will explode and release more Power Moons in the kingdom.

Super Mario Odyssey Newspaper

Similarly, if you zoom in on the newspapers that are scattered around, there is a headline news story featuring a T-Rex on the front page. Perhaps there were some T-Rex sightings in the city, and indeed there's a part where Mario has to actually escape a T-Rex by motor scooter!

This is just another example of what makes Mario games so great, there are often little things scattered around that'll make you smile when you take the time to stop and look around!

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