Power Balloon: Super Mario Maker 2 vs. Super Mario World

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The Power Balloon (also known as the P-Balloon) is one of the new power-ups added to the recently released Super Mario Maker 2 version 3.0.0 update.

The Power Balloon originated in Super Mario World for the Super NES, and it was one of the more interesting additions to the game. However, in Super Mario Maker 2, the P Balloon is only available in the Super Mario World game play style - it was not ported to the other styles.

Power Balloon in Super Mario Maker 2 vs. Super Mario World

There are some differences between the Power Balloon in the original Super Mario World and in Super Mario Maker 2, let's see how they compare:

Super Mario World

- After touching a P-Balloon, Mario will inflate into a giant balloon and float in the air
- Mario remains in the current form he is in, so if he is small, he remains small, if he's Cape Mario he will be Cape Mario in balloon form.
- Once a certain amount of time has surpassed, he will deflate and revert back to whatever form he was in
- If Mario is hit while with the P-Balloon, he will lose the balloon and shrink to Small Mario, if he is already Small Mario he will die
- Mario can move in four directions: up, down, left and right

Power Balloon in Super Mario Maker 2 vs. Super Mario World

Super Mario Maker 2 (SMW Style)

- The P-Balloon is a "power-up" like a Fire Flower or Cape Feather
- Mario in any form will "transform" to become "Power Balloon Mario" which gives Mario yellow overalls with a "P" on his chest
- If Mario gets he hit by an enemy, he loses the balloon gets downgraded to Super Mario
- Mario can be controlled in any direction including diagonally at an angle, he hovers in the air similar to how he swims in water!
- The controls are far more responsive than in the original SMW
- The P-Balloon will last indefinitely and never deflates as long as you don't get hit

With the new upgrades, the reintroduced Power Balloon in Super Mario Maker 2 is far more powerful, which will allow some creative Super Mario World stages to be made by creators!

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