How to Beat "The Perfect Run" in Super Mario Galaxy 2

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For SM128C's 10th anniversary special for Super Mario Galaxy 2, we have written walkthrough to give you tips on how you can beat (or re-beat) The Perfect Run - the second star in Grandmaster Galaxy. Be sure to also check out our 10th anniversary review of Super Mario Galaxy 2!

This is the first of the "impossible final levels" that were introduced to the 3D Mario games. In "The Perfect Run", you have one single life point, which means you can't take a single hit, there are also no checkpoints.

As hard as it may be, The Perfect Run isn't impossible, but it'll take a lot of practice and dedication to get you through. It took me 10 years to finally succeed at The Perfect Run. I hope that these game tips can help you beat this tough stage! If I can do it, so can you! (Of course, these tips can also be applied to the first star - The Ultimate Test.)

By making it to Grandmaster Galaxy, be proud of what you did! But do you want that 242nd star on your save file? If so, you'll need to put your Mario skills to the challenge!

1st section: Swinging around flowers with Yoshi

While it may not completely feel intuitive at first, once you get the hang of it, using Yoshi's tongue to swing around the flowers is not extraordinarily difficult. The main thing to note is that on some of these flowers, you may have to drop down to avoid a Choppah or Floating Mine before you swing onto the next flower. Do a Yoshi flutter when possible, just practice a few times to get the feel of the movement, and eventually you can make it to the end.

The Perfect Run - Yoshi swinging around flowers

After the last flower, it's actually possible to flutter directly into the Launch Star above the flagpole to bring Yoshi into the next section.

2nd section: Flipswitch Panels

It's a tad easier to perform this if you still have Yoshi from the first area. This is probably the easiest section in The Perfect Run.

The Perfect Run - Flipswitch Panels

Try to do all walk on all the outside Flipswitch Panels first, but when possible do a jump to an adjacent middle panel, then jump back to continue the pattern on the outside, and you should have two panels remaining near the centre, once you hit the final panel, make a jump to avoid the lasers to get to the Launch Star.

3rd section: Floating with Cloud Mario

This section you will have to become Cloud Mario and say goodbye to Yoshi. It's not overly difficult, but you have to avoid getting shocked by the electric waves which barricade you. Do a series of backflips and long jumps and you will get to the end. The hardest part here is to not to rush and be patient.

The Perfect Run - Cloud Mario

If you can retain at least one or two clouds before making it to the Launch Star, it will make the remaining part of the stage easier.

4th section: Red-Blue Panels with Ring Beamers

This section with the spin-activated Red-Blue Panels was a nightmare for me until I realized that there's an easy way to get through it. Most people will have trouble in this area.

The Perfect Run - Red-Blue Panels

Getting around the Ring Beamers may seem super intimidating, however there's a trick that can help you get by them with ease. They will shoot 3 laser beams followed by a brief pause. For the first Ring Beamer I've found I can get by fairly easily by long jumping into one of the panels, jump to avoid two beams, do a long jump to avoid the third beam, and make another long jump to get to the next part.

For the remaining Ring Beamers, avoiding them with consecutive long jumps seems to work for me, however you can patiently pass them one at a time, or use additional clouds to avoid them. Doing long jumps off the path slightly and creating clouds can help make it a little easier.

If you have clouds, don't hesitate to use them when you are running into trouble!

5th section: Pull Star Mechanics

At first glance, this area can be intimidating with all the Floating Mines and lasers, but there is actually a trick that can make things way easier.

The Perfect Run - Pull Stars

When holding onto a pull star, let Mario fall, pull him back up, and let Mario float high into the air. Now that you are high above the plane, continue to pull other stars, this will allow you to avoid many of these obstacles here. If you have Star Bits, you can use them to shoot any Goombas or Floating Mines that are in your way.

6th section: Hammer Bros. and Boomerang Bros.

Take a breath, you're almost there. The 6th and final section featuring Hammer Bros. and Boomerang Bros. is the hardest part of The Perfect Run. But, here are some tips that can help you here. If you still have a cloud remaining, you can avoid the section with the spinning platforms.

Just ignore the first couple of Hammer Bros. since they are fairly harmless. Once you get into the square platforms is where the fun starts.

The Perfect Run - Boomerang Bros

Each Hammer Bro throws two hammers to Mario's location before making a jump - both hammers will actually be thrown the same spot - it's locked to that location. As long as you're out of the line of fire, it's fairly safe to make a move at this point.

You'll need to make a series of long jumps here to make it to the end. Do note that because you are still Cloud Mario, you will be a little more "floaty" so the jump timing will be a little unusual.

Once you reach the three Boomerang Bros. you can crouch to dodge all the boomerangs. Crouching is safe unless a Boomerang Bro jumps right on you, and it's even possible to do a spin attack while crouched. If you are confident enough with your timing, a stomp can also do the trick.

Another tip, hammers and boomerangs can be defeated by a spin attack, however it is difficult to execute effectively as it can easily mess up your timing.

Once they're all defeated, a Launch Star pops up and off you go to see Rosalina for the 242nd and final Power Star!

The Perfect Run - Rosalina

Don't have all stars to get to the Grandmaster Galaxy and The Perfect Run? Download my Super Mario Galaxy 2 241-star save file and load it on your Wii. You can play The Perfect Run immediately after loading this save file. This page has instructions on how to manage Wii game saves. Good luck!

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