Elevator rides in Luigi's Mansion 3 are fancy loading screens

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by: Hairball

Luigi's Mansion 3 takes place at The Last Resort Hotel. It's a tall building with 15 floors that somewhat resembles the New Donk City Hall from Super Mario Odyssey. This mysterious vacation resort that Luigi and the crew head off to ends up being haunted.

Luigi riding the elevator
The hotel elevator that Luigi spends a lot of time inside

The elevator from this hotel is actually a major theme in Luigi's Mansion 3. The elevator buttons are "missing" and are held by certain ghosts. One of the goals that Luigi needs complete is to get all the elevator buttons so he can access every floor of the hotel.

From the main lobby of the hotel, only the basement and 2nd floor are accessible by stairs, all other floors of the hotel require elevator access. The emergency staircase must be locked up by King Boo and his minions.

In this game, you will regularly ride the elevator throughout the hotel to complete missions, find gems and capture Boos.

After riding the elevator a few times, I started to notice that the elevator rides are glorified loading screens between floors - which are effectively the stages in Luigi's Mansion 3. This is analogous to Mario flying on the Odyssey airship between kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey. In this case the "levels" are floors of the hotel, and in SMO, the "levels" are the kingdoms.

Mario and Cappy flying in the Odyssey
Flying in the Odyssey is equivalent to the "elevator ride" in Luigi's Mansion 3

If you observe closely, the number of floors the elevator is supposed to travel through the shaft does properly reflect the distance away. Sometimes when travelling one floor, it appears that you travelled 3 floors, or in some cases, you experience a quick ride when you are traversing the entire building.

From 2F to 3F, the elevator appears to go through 3 floors!

In the elevator in Luigi's Mansion 3, all you can do is run around with Luigi and Gooigi in the ginormous elevator car while you wait. It's boring, just like real life elevator rides. Compare this to Super Mario Odyssey, where Cappy will offer you the same game tips you've probably seen 100 times by now.

Luigi with a plunger on his head thanks to Gooigi

It's a lot of dead time spent transporting yourself around, and it's boring. But at least if you are Gooigi, you can fire a plunger with the suction shot at Luigi's head. It always looks priceless!

One more thing, could we have some better elevator music?

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