Super Mario World: SMA2 Shocking Secrets!

Posted on Apr 1, 2002 12:00 AM EDT by: Hairball

Nintendo isn't well-known for keeping secrets in their games, but it seems like they did it this time, and yet, it hasn't been found in over 10 years, until today.

Several individuals from a respectable gaming source, have revealed to us that there are at least 2 bonus levels in Super Mario World. These bonus levels are not bugs, since they are also available in the re-release of Super Mario World on the Game Boy Advance.

We attempted to contact Nintendo on the matter, but we could only talk to a Nintendo representative on the phone as the last few days were the Easter weekend.

"There is no way that there are extra levels in Super Mario World, the game you are using may be a pirated version, that is unlicensed and unsupported by Nintendo of America," quoted the representative on the phone.

At the moment, we have been only supplied with two screenshots with the new bonus levels. We have also been the very last bonus level features a final re-match with Bowser. These new levels are even more difficult than the Special World levels, if you thought those were hard, these are going to be worse.

Below are the screenshots that we received:  

Vanilla Secret Ghost House on new island with new level below it
Underwater stage after the ghost house

We've also been told by the finders of this huge secret about the instructions to open up these new levels. In fact, it is just one simple button code!

  1. First, beat the entire Super Mario World with all 96 exits, the order does not matter
  2. Go to the pipe at the top of the Vanilla Dome (if you've beaten the game you should know where that is)
  3. Enter this code:
    Down + L + Right + Left + R + Up + A + B + Start
  4. Once you finish the code, a bridge will appear connecting the mainland to the island!

That is all that we currently know right now on the bonus levels, SM128C will have more information on this shocking news at it becomes available.

-- Hairball

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