A new Nintendo kiosk has opened in Toronto!

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A new Nintendo kiosk has opened in Toronto at Scarborough Town Centre! This is the first location to actually be located in "the 6ix" - in the past it has been found in the suburbs around the city. According to the staff, the kiosk has only been opened for one week, just in time for the Christmas shopping season.

Nintendo Kiosk at Scarborough Town Centre in Toronto
The Nintendo kiosk in Scarborough Town Centre is a fun place to visit for Nintendo fans!

In recent years, Nintendo kiosks have often moved around different shopping malls in Ontario with little fanfare or announcement. The kiosk has appeared in Erin Mills Town Centre in Mississauga, Vaughan Mills, Oshawa Centre, and most recently at the Rideau Centre in Ottawa.

Mario statue at Nintendo Kiosk at Scarborough Town Centre in Toronto Yoshi statue at Nintendo Kiosk at Scarborough Town Centre in Toronto

The kiosk appears to be slightly smaller than the past iterations. In addition to a Mario statue on display, a Yoshi statue is also featured prominently. There are many collectibles for sale such as stuffed toys, t-shirts, hats, and other various items.

Stuffed toys and other collectibles at Nintendo Kiosk at Scarborough Town Centre in Toronto
Want to buy a stuffed Bowser or Piranha Plant? Lots of collectibles available for sale here!

There are many demo units for Nintendo Switch, including the Nintendo Switch Lite with the featured first and second party games. Unlike at retail stores, these units are more well maintained given that it is operated by Nintendo. It's possible to try out the Switch in all the various forms of play, in both portable and docked modes. You can also try out the Pro Controller if you are unsure about making the investment in one.

One noticeable change is that the Nintendo 3DS demo units have all been removed, another obvious sign that the 3DS era has ended.

Nintendo of Canada has regularly run special events from the Nintendo Kiosk, so be sure to stay tuned by checking their website.

An actual Nintendo store has recently opened up in Tokyo recently to complement the store in New York City. Some day, could we see a full-scale Nintendo store in Canada to serve Canadian fans?

The Nintendo kiosk at Scarborough Town Centre can be found on the lower level near the Hudson's Bay store. There is a second kiosk in Western Canada that is currently located at the West Edmonton Mall.

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