Nintendo should open a Nintendo World Store in Canada

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For the last several years, Nintendo of Canada has run kiosks in one or two shopping malls in Canada to serve their loyal fanbase. There has been one in western Canada, and one in eastern Canada - in Ontario.

These Nintendo kiosks do not sell hardware or games, they do have feature demo kiosks - featuring new or unreleased games, along with some apparel and collectibles. They aren't quite a "destination" to go out of your way for, but if you are in the area, they are a nice place stop by to visit for a Nintendo fan. Notably, they had a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event prior to launch. They also had Super Mario Odyssey events where they had game demos and free postcards around the time of the game launch.

Nintendo of Canada Kiosk - Vaughan Mills
Nintendo of Canada Kiosk that used to be at Vaughan Mills, now moved to Oshawa Centre

The first Nintendo kiosks were in Burnaby, BC and Mississauga, ON. The western location has since shifted to Calgary, and now to Edmonton. While the Ontario location has since moved to Vaughan, and now it is in Oshawa.

Check out Nintendo of Canada's kiosk page for further details and events/promotions they are currently running.

Why are these Canadian Nintendo kiosks playing a game of musical chairs? I had been to the Vaughan location one time, then another time I made a second visit, it was gone! There was hardly any notice, beyond Nintendo quietly updating their website. The temporary nature of these kiosks is annoying, it feels more like a pop-up shop - but at least pop-up shops will tell you how long they'll be around for. These kiosks, when they're gone, they're gone.

Many household names, notably Apple, Microsoft and Samsung have opened their own retail stores in major shopping malls to push their brand and products.

Nintendo has operated a flagship retail store in New York City since 2005. The Nintendo New York (originally known as the Nintendo World Store) sells hardware, software, toys, clothing, and other special items that diehard Nintendo fans will love. They also operate special events such as live E3 and Nintendo Direct streams where you can be with other fans, along with some gaming competitions. It is also the place to be for major console or game launches.

Canadians are among the biggest Nintendo fans in the world. A permanent Nintendo store location could certainly be successful. Nintendo is a company that tends to be conservative, but they should be bold and open a flagship store in Toronto with the high-rollers at a location such as the Toronto Eaton Centre. It's a high traffic area that also has a lot of tourists, it would be a great for Nintendo and great for Nintendo fans. There are numerous locations in the Greater Toronto Area where this could work.

The Nintendo kiosks are nice little spots to visit, but two mall booths that may or may not be there the next time you visit just doesn't quite cut it.

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