6 Notable Sidekicks from the Super Mario series

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For over 30 years, Mario has been the star of the show for Nintendo, their best well known mascot and featured in dozens of video games that have entertained generations of gamers. Mario is a super guy, but not to be forgotten is that he's had a long history of friends and allies to help him along the way. When you think about it, in many of the games, he's never truly out there alone.


Well, Luigi is usually player 2 in the side-scrolling Mario games, and pretty much can be ignored if you play by yourself. It was too bad he was always in the background until Luigi's Mansion and Super Luigi U. But hey, at least later on they started to give him a different personality instead of simply being a guy in green.

Luigi holding a stack of coins

Although not the main series, the two brothers are literally linked together in the Mario & Luigi RPG series, where they travel together and are both used together in the turn based battle system.

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga


The lovable green dinosaur makes his debut in Super Mario World. Yoshi was trapped in an egg by Bowser and he needs to rescue his friends so he teams up with Mario!

Mario riding Yoshi artwork

Riding on Yoshi is sort of like riding a horse but more fun, plus he has an insatiable appetite for almost everything! It's a bit cruel, but jumping off Yoshi and dumping him can give Mario an extra height boost.

Mario and Yoshi at Yoshi's house in Super Mario World

He makes a cameo in Super Mario 64, but he makes his actual 3D Mario platformer debut in Super Mario Sunshine where Mario can ride him and he has a variety of fruit-related abilities, spit juice, eat enemies and of course the famous hovering function. Yoshi also appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and functions much the same way as in Super Mario Sunshine.

Mario riding Yoshi in Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Wii

It's always a joy when you get a chance to play with Mario's long time partner!


It's easy to forget, but a friendly Lakitu is actually the cameraman following Mario throughout Super Mario 64. This was actually an intuitive way for gamers to become accustomed to a 3D environment. This Lakitu can be be spotted in the beginning and end scenes, along with areas with mirrors such as in the room with Snowman's Land. When you are controlling the camera, you're actually controlling Lakitu!

Mario seeing Lakitu the cameraman in mirror - Super Mario 64


The Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device, better known as F.L.U.D.D. is Mario's water dispelling device in Super Mario Sunshine it comes with interchangeable nozzles. The squirt nozzle shoots water like a water gun, the hover nozzle lets Mario float around in the air for a few seconds, the rocket nozzle lets Mario blast into the air and the turbo nozzle gives Mario a big speed boost.

Since Mario can't perform a long jump in this game, hovering with F.L.U.D.D. is something that you will have to do quite a lot, and often in tedious ways.

Mario with F.L.U.D.D. in Super Mario Sunshine


Lumas are star-like species from Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 - these games take place in outer space. They are friendly to Mario and have the power to transform into various forms sling stars, planetoids and even galaxies!

Mario and Luma in Super Mario Galaxy

The main Luma is actually hiding under Mario's cap and gives him the spin ability to attack enemies and also an extra boost while jumping into the air. The spin ability is more or less similar to Mario's punch in Super Mario 64 - an ability that actually has not appeared again in a main Mario series game. Using a spin attack to defeat an enemy will net you some star bits, whereas a traditional stomp on an enemy will yield coins. This is actually a significant distinction as only coins recover health, and compared to other Mario games coins are far more rare in the SMG titles.


An odd hat-shaped creature known as a "Bonneter" (from the Bonneton region) is Mario's main ally in Super Mario Odyssey. Hats are a major theme in Odyssey, and Cappy is normally a white top hat, but his initial transformation is Mario's famous red hat after it was ripped into shreds by Bowser in the introduction.

Mario and Cappy intro in Super Mario Odyssey

Cappy is the most innovative sidekick to date. Not only can he be thrown as a projectile as an attack, Mario can also jump on him for extra boost in the air. Of course, the capture ability is the main highlight - it lets Mario control enemies, objects and other things. Later on in the game you can buy different styles for Cappy to transform into! Cappy is integral to playing Super Mario Odyssey, and you just won't know what you will be able to capture next!

Who will be tagging along for Mario's next adventure? Could we see a direct sequel to Super Mario Odyssey?

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