Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pro Controller and Special Edition Revealed

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by: Hairball

The official Smash Bros. website has added images of the upcoming special edition of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which comes with a steelbook and a Smash-themed Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate themed Pro Controller

The Smash Pro Controller has white prongs with the Smash Bros. logo on the face. It appears to have the same transparent "smoke black" plastic casing.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Special Edition Steel Book

They will be available on December 7 with the launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. The Special Edition bundle will be available for $139.99 USD and the Smash Pro Controller will be $74.99 USD - the same price as a regular Switch Pro Controller.

Source: Smash Bros. Official Website

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