Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at Nintendo Canada Kiosk Demo Impressions

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On the weekend of Sept 21-23, Nintendo of Canada had a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Early Access event in two malls in Canada - at Oshawa Centre in Oshawa, ON and at CrossIron Mills in Rocky View, AB.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Early Access event at Nintendo Canada kiosk

According to the Nintendo Kiosk page, a limited number of slots for playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate were available, and will require registration at the mall kiosk. Surprisingly, I didn't need to register or wait at all when I strolled into the Oshawa Centre at 8:30 pm on Saturday, perhaps because the demand was underwhelming, or it was near closing time and they just let it be a free for all. They had three Nintendo Switch demo units with Pro Controllers, and I was able to play the demo twice.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate demo at Nintendo Canada Kiosk

Players were allowed to play two stock matches with a 2:30 time limit and items enabled, each match includes one Nintendo rep taking part as well.

Depending on your placing, there were prizes to be won at the conclusion of the two matches:

1st place: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate towel
2nd place: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate lanyard
3rd place: Pinback button (i.e. Mario, Yoshi, Wario)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate lanyard

The Nintendo reps that I spoke to stated that the demo for this event was running the build from this year's E3. As this was an older build, they were restricting photography to only the battle parts, and did not allow photos of the stage and character select screens, as they may have changed.

They also alluded they wanted to keep some details of the game confidential, However, many of the stages and characters were already revealed online by Nintendo themselves, and are not exactly secrets.

As for the gameplay itself, I played as three characters, Mario, Kirby and Link. I didn't notice any significant changes in terms of play style for these characters, it still felt like a traditional Smash game. I was told by a rep that Link is able to detonate bombs remotely unlike in past titles. Mario and Kirby pretty much played similarly. I had some trouble adjusting to the controls using the Pro Controller, as they are a bit different to the GameCube controllers.

One thing that I noticed the most was that the animations are far more smooth compared to Smash on the Wii U. I often found the Wii U game to be quite choppy and made it hard to follow along in the battles. It's great to know that Nintendo has really cleaned up this aspect.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be released for the Nintendo Switch on December 7.

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