3D All-Stars Tip: Find Mario's Lost Cap in Super Mario 64

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For the first time, Mario's cap can be lost in Super Mario 64. If Mario gets his cap lost or stolen, it's a big deal as it can deal double damage to Mario, making your adventure much more difficult. It might be a surprise if this is the first time you are playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Hey, Mario's got nice hair... but he still looks better with his red cap though.

HELP! Mario lost his cap! Where do you find Mario's cap?

Mario can only lose his cap in three stages: Shifting Sand Land, Tall, Tall Mountain and Snowman's Land. The cap can only be found in the stage that you lost it in. If you don't remember which stage it happened, you'll have to check all three to find it.

In Shifting Sand Land, after retrieving the first power star, Klepto will be flying around the four pillars, if he steals Mario's cap, he will continue to hold on to it. Jump up at Klepto when he flies near Mario to recover the cap.

Mario without his cap in Shifting Sand Land

In Tall, Tall Mountain, if Mario lost his cap, it can be recovered by going up the mountain and a monkey called Ukiki will be wearing it. You will have to capture Ukiki to get it back - it's not so straightforward! Once you're in a good position, do a "punch" towards him and if you grab him, he will give Mario his cap back.

Mario without his cap in Tall, Tall Mountain

In Snowman's Land, the giant snowman in the stage will blow out an arctic breeze, blowing Mario and his cap away. If the cap is not subsequently recovered, Mario will be subsequently capless. If you leave the stage without the cap and re-enter, one of the snowmen will be wearing the cap, run circles around the snowman to defeat him, and the cap will be lying down on the snow for you to pick up.

Mario without his cap in Snowman's Land

Be careful and don't lose Mario's cap, but if you do, it will be one of these three stages!

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