Reduce Switch Repair Costs by Haggling with Nintendo Support

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The Nintendo Switch has had many documented issues, most famously the Joy-con control stick drift. Nintendo of America has been fixing Joy-cons pretty much no questions asked because of the rampant issue.

Nintendo repairs don't come cheap, but you can negotiate with customer service to lower costs
Nintendo repairs don't come cheap, but you can negotiate with customer service to lower costs

Recently, I have had control stick drifting problems with my out-of-warranty Switch Pro Controller as well. I spoke to Nintendo's customer support (available via chat and phone) and they offered a repair option, the price was too expensive.

Just by speaking to them a bit more and expressing my frustrations with the product and high price for repairs, I was able to lower my Switch Pro Controller repair price to $10! They originally had asked for $40 ($30 + $10 shipping) to do the repairs.

Switch Pro Controller Repaired for $10

I'm not someone that is a good negotiator, but negotiating with Nintendo for repairs was surprisingly easy, they are quite lenient and it won't take long for them to reduce the price. As long as have time and a little persistence you can get the costs reduced. In some cases if you are lucky, the will even do it for free! Don't just take the first offer on the repairs, they can certainly lower the price.

I used to think that once a warranty is over, it's done. But this isn't always the case, sometimes companies will still help to avoid a PR nightmare and to keep their customers happy. It doesn't hurt to test your luck.

I had similar issues with a mobile phone in the past. I was an owner of a Google Nexus 5X, and it had the famous "bootlooping" issues. My warranty had just expired, I had read that people have had repairs/replacements on devices that no longer had warranty for free. I gave it a shot, and I also was able to get a replacement for free.

If you are encountering Switch hardware problems, don't be afraid to talk to Nintendo, you never know what you can get. Good luck and I hope you can also get your Nintendo hardware issues resolved at a reasonable cost!

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