What other office supplies will be a Paper Mario boss?

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In a recent trailer for Paper Mario: The Origami King for the Nintendo Switch we are introduced to some frightening new bosses based on office supplies. Oh no!

What other enemies will see in Paper Mario: The Origami King?

Is stationery really that scary? From the footage released so far, we are introduced to the Legion of Stationery and have seen coloured pencils, a rubber band ball that has come to life, and finally a roll of tape.

Perhaps they're playing on the idea that no one likes to go to school or work, which is where you usually encounter these scary office supplies.

From what was revealed so far, there are a total of five different bosses based on the five pieces of origami streamers coming out from Peach's Castle. In other words, there are probably two more office supplies that will haunt you at the end of the origami strip, in addition to the three known ones.

5 Origami streamers coming out of Peach's castle

What other bosses could we see in Paper Mario: The Origami King? Here are some ideas on what we think we could see:

Stapler - A stapler boss could be a giant object jumping around to crush Mario, in addition to launching staples that will be a painful projectile.

Scissors - This would be pretty self-explanatory, what can be worse for paper than being cut up by scissors?

Calculator - How about a calculator that throws his buttons at you, in addition to throwing digits from its display at Mario, or using multiplication to create even more pain? Math is scary for a lot of people, batting a calculator may turn out to be nerve wracking!

Ruler - Rulers are great for whacking people.

Paper Shredder - Ummm… this is just too painful, if Mario is shredded up, can he be put back together?

Glue - Maybe we can see Mario glued onto the ground while the giant blue bottle stomps on him to his misery…

Paper Mario: The Origami King comes out on July 17, so it won't be long until we know what other bosses they have coming to tear up our beloved paper hero!

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