No Ice Flower, Penguin Suit in Super Mario Maker 2 Update

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by: Hairball

With the plethora of new power-ups added to Super Mario Maker 2, it is a bit of a downer that the Ice Flower and Penguin Suit, two of the best power-ups in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. U still aren't in the next major update that will be released on April 22.

No Penguin Suit in Super Mario Maker 2

Both of these power-ups allow Mario to throw Ice Balls, the frozen version of fireballs to turn enemies into ice. When enemies are encased in ice, they can be defeated by breaking the ice (either by throwing or ground pounding). One of the only ways to kill a Dry Bones is by breaking the ice while he is frozen. The ice objects can also be thrown as sliding projectiles as well.

Penguin Mario also has increased grip on ice along with improved swimming abilities like Frog Mario in SMB3. Not to mention that Penguin Mario is extremely cute and penguins have been a mainstay in Mario games since Super Mario 64.

We currently do have enemies and objects that can be "frozen" and released by fireballs, it would be nice if we can freeze them as well!

Nintendo let Mario become a frog again, why not a penguin? Or at least give him an Ice Flower to be Ice Mario.

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