New Hint Art revealed for Super Mario Odyssey!

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by: Hairball

There is going to be new Hint Art in Super Mario Odyssey. Just announced on Twitter and through the Nintendo Switch's Super Mario Odyssey channel.

This new hint art showing the location of a treasure requires version 1.2.0 of Super Mario Odyssey. Looks like the fun with isn't ending yet!

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Update Mar 15, 2018 - It appears that this is not Power Moon after all. I found the location and it pops up a 8 bit Luigi that gives you a coin reward. A nice touch but would've been more exciting if it was a moon.

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This is the message that is in the News Channel:

Check out Super Mario 128 Central at! Check out Super Mario 128 Central at!

Pieces of Hint Art can be found in many areas, and each one will lead you to a hidden Power Moon!

No matter how many Power Moons you've found, here's some good news for you - we've got a new piece of Hint Art to help you in your search! Try using the image to find a place where treasure is buried. If you think you've found the spot, do a Ground Pound and something good may happen.

Well I suppose getting a few coins is a treasure...

A couple of weeks ago there was a "data mine" of version 1.2.0 of Super Mario Odyssey that reveals this hint art and a few others.

Nintendo's intentions were good to build up some hype for the game, but since it isn't a moon, it's a little disappointing, but nonetheless we're hoping it's a sign of more DLC to come!

Source: Twitter and Nintendo Switch News Channel

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