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by: Hairball

Mario has always had tons of games on the Nintendo consoles, like NES, Super NES, and Nintendo 64. But there aren't really a lot of Mario platform games on the Game Boy. The only Mario platform games on the GB are Super Mario Land and Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.

But also there are a lot of games that feature Mario in a "cameo" role. These games are Donkey Kong (arcade), Dr. Mario, Mario's Picross, Game and Watch Gallery 1, 2, and 3.

What everyone wants now is a new Mario sidescroller. Mario has not starred in a "normal" sidescroller since Super Mario World on the Super NES. But the SNES has died a long time ago. Yes, there was a Super Mario World 2, but that game doesn't really follow the Mario storyline, but Yoshi fans will love it. It wouldn't make sense to see a Mario sidescroller game on the N64. Although that there are a couple (including Yoshi's Story) they just didn't do well. So probably the only place to see sidescrollers is in the Game Boy.

But ever since Super Mario Land 2, the Mario sidescrollers have been gone, there have been no new Mario sidescrollers since. Now Wario came on the scene. The first Wario Land game released had a misleading name. "Super Mario Land 3" as it was called doesn't even feature Mario in it at all. The sequel to Wario Land came, Wario Land 2 was released. In a few months after Nintendo's Game Boy Color was released a "colorized" Wario Land 2 was released. And sometime soon there will be a Wario Land 3! That's right Wario will soon surpass Mario in GB platform titles.

Why won't Nintendo decide to release a new Mario platform game. Don't tell me that they recently released Super Mario Bros. DX, that game was a re-release of Super Mario Bros. on the GBC with some add-ons. But I'm talking about a "real" Super Mario Land 3. I'm sure that if a new Mario game is released that it will sell quite a lot, when you think of it the last Mario platform game was Super Mario Land 2.

The first thing that comes to mind about this situation is you know it, Pokemon. If Pokemon was not doing so well right now, we could possibly see more great games and possibly including Mario. I'm not trying to bash Pokemon I'm sort of a fan, but I'm not crazy about it. Pokemon is causing many new games to be delayed because of how amazing it's already selling right now.

So after ranting all this stuff for the last little while I just want to say that there should be more Mario platform games on the GBC, new ones. There are going to be more Wario Land games than Mario Land games, that isn't fair. Most people like Mario more than Wario, and that's probably why the site you are looking at is about Mario. It's been too long...we need Mario!

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