How to Record Nintendo Switch Gameplay Videos Without a PC

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Are you looking to be the next big video game star on YouTube? Don't know where to start in terms of video capture? While many streamers on YouTube and Twitch have elaborate setups with high-end PCs. If you aren't planning to live stream and do recordings, there actually is a very great solution that is both simple and budget-conscious.

The typical streamer usually has a capture device such as an Elgato HD60 S, which is a USB capture device that you connect your video game console in, while feeding the video to your computer. As the video processing and rendering is done by the computer itself, it results in the displayed output to be subject to lag, making games unplayable in some cases. This is unideal, and most devices include a passthrough that lets you output to another monitor or TV screen.

In other words, a second screen is a necessity. I find it a hassle as it requires a high-end computer to do video processing (which I don't have), and the requirement of two screens.

For this to work, I would need to lug my computer to the living room, connect the console to the capture device, while wiring it back to the TV so I can play on the TV. I currently live in a small space, and want to keep my gaming and recording setup as minimalist as possible.

How do you record Nintendo Switch gaming footage without a computer?

Basically, get a "VCR" for your gaming console. I've found a solution that could make your video game capture setup far more simple and low maintenance.

I purchased the AGPtEK HD Game Capture 1080p from (also available from and this did the trick. It's easy to set up, all you need to do is connect your Nintendo Switch (or any HDMI source) to the capture device, connect the capture device to your TV using another HDMI cable, and you're done. It's a standalone recording device that does not require a separate computer to function.

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Record Nintendo Switch Videos without PC using AgPtEK HD Game Capture

Literally, I just need to insert a USB flash drive or USB hard drive, hit the record button and it starts to record to the drive. It's simple, and works like a VCR. This AGPtEK device also has a component input which allows you to connect a Wii and other older consoles as well.

The capture device is very small and I can play games on my living room TV which is what I'm most comfortable with. It's seamless.

Once I'm done playing, I just simply unplug the drive and plug it into a computer and use my favourite video editing tool and then I can upload the captured video game footage online to YouTube.

Here's a sample recording from Super Mario Odyssey using the AGPtEK HD Game Capture 1080p device.

For such a basic capture device, the quality is quite solid, however, do note that for 1080p output it can only record at 30 fps. If you change your Nintendo Switch to output at 720p, it can capture at 60 fps.

It isn't easy trying to be a YouTuber, polish up your gaming skills, good luck and don't quit your day job just yet!

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