GameCube Inspired "Smash Pad" Pro Controllers announced by PDP

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by: Hairball

Nintendo GameCube inspired Pro Controllers for the Nintendo Switch called the Wired Smash Pad Pro have just announced by PDP on their blog.

Of course, GameCube controllers are the preferred controller for Smash players, with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate coming out in December this year - it's not a surprise we're seeing this announcement. These wired controllers are an alternative to using actual GameCube controllers with a USB adapter. No word yet on whether there will be rumble functionality. So far, other wired Switch controllers on the market have not had the feature.

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Three designs were shown, coming in Mario, Zelda and Pokemon themes. These controllers will be wired (10 feet long) and can be plugged into a USB port on the Switch dock. They also have a nifty swappable right control stick - it can either be a regular control stick, or you can pop in a GameCube style C-stick!

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Since it's a USB controller, hopefully they can be easily used on a PC as well! No release date was announced yet, but they say pre-orders will be available in the coming months.

These controllers are similar to the Wired Fight Pad for the Wii U that was also released by PDP. The Fight Pad was connected to a Wii Remote, and essentially functioned as a Wii Classic Controller.

Source: PDP Blog

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