Being a "1-Up girl" in Super Mario Odyssey makes no sense

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Super Mario Odyssey has a catchy theme song called "Jump Up, Super Star!" sung by Mayor Pauline of New Donk City, but there's one part of the song that really caught my eye, well or more specifically my ears. "I'll be your 1-Up girl"

Pauline at the New Donk City Festival

Hey, it does sound pretty catchy, as 1-Ups have long been a staple of the Mario series. Just not in this game. Pauline proclaiming herself as the 1-Up girl doesn't make any sense.

1-Up Mushroom that is no longer appearing in Super Mario Odyssey
The famous 1-Up mushroom that you won't see in Odyssey

The fact is that Mario doesn't "lose lives" anymore in Super Mario Odyssey when he dies. As a result there are no 1-Ups nor 1-Up mushrooms in the game at all. Sadly, the famous green 1-Up mushrooms have become now irrelevant. In many games in recent times that have lives, it's usually so easy to get 1-Ups that it is pointless, in other words, life is cheap.

When Mario dies in Odyssey, all that happens is that he loses 10 coins and respawns at nearby location. That's spare change for a rich man like him when an extra life used to cost 100 coins. OK, I guess being a 1-up girl might be better be being a 10 coin girl... actually that sounds kind of wrong!

Besides, even if you look at it differently, what has Pauline done for Mario? In the original Donkey Kong game, she was the damsel in distress that needed to be rescued. In Super Mario Odyssey, she asks Mario to help out to clean up New Donk City after Bowser's shenanigans.

At least Peach has handed out 1-Ups to Mario in Super Mario World during the battle with Bowser. In Super Mario Galaxy, she gives Mario some 1-Ups in her letters written to him while in captivity. The real 1-Up girl should be Peach, nor Pauline!

Pauline simply can't be a 1-up girl when Super Mario Odyssey doesn't have lives to give away, Nor has she really done much for Mario to be his special one!

Perhaps Nintendo had this song written up before they decided that the game will have no 1-Ups!

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