Super Mario RPG Confirmed on GBA!

Posted on Apr 1, 2002 12:00 AM EDT by: TW

It's a great day for GBA fans as right now the SNES hit Super Mario RPG is heading to GBA for release. It has been enabled by the recent re-kindling of friendship between Square and Nintendo, and at last the 1996 hit is coming to GBA. Super Mario 128 Central has been informed of what the GBA game is like by a secret informer, and leaked first screenshots of this impressive game.

The game is currently called Super Mario RPG Advance, and is not part of the Super Mario Advance series, but it also includes the hit game Mario Bros which you can once again link up to Super Mario Advance 1 and 2 to play. The original game used a 3/4 overhead view, so it is not true-3D, making it an excellent game for GBA players, and ones in Europe who never got to play the game the first time around on the SNES.

Unlike SMB2 and SMW, SMRPG has not been modified graphically in any way from the original SNES version, since we are told, Square would not permit release if any of the graphics were updated or edited, bar from simple fixing and improving of glitches/animation.

Title Screen

Looks nice, like the SMA series has "Single Player" and "Multiplayer"

Outside Mario's House

This first screenshot leaked to us looks very nice, the screen has been filled because of the GBA's wider nature like in the other Super Mario Advance games.

Opening Sequence

This seems to be another example of the screen being made wider.

Inside Mario's House

We are told that "Scrolling is not needed in small houses as the whole house is on the screen at all times"

Fight Scene

This looks very nice. The screen has been expanded and X and Y changed to R and L since the GBA lacks those two buttons.

We are proud to present these screenshots and information. Super Mario RPG Advance will hit stores on December 25, 2002. We have also been told that Luigi will be in the game, and it will feature a whole new secret level using the advanced GBA hardware techniques not seen on the SNES, which is excluded from Square's rule.

That is all we were leaked at the moment from our informer, SM128C will have more information on this shocking news at it becomes available.

-- TW

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