Mario and Sonic...Partners?

Posted on Apr 1, 2000 12:00 AM EDT by: TW

Today, April 1st, 2000, there has been a very interesting development in the world of videogaming - Mario has been found a Sega Game! Namely Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast.

This was found by several anonymous game hackers who have neglected to comment, apart from saying "We pulled these games apart - went down to the fine pure code, and found him in there." said one of the reclusive hackers, RilaForpol. "We skipped weeks of school to find him." also said Arofoprlli, his hacker buddy.

"Just like Luigi in Super Mario 64, this shows that game companies keep hard secrets," quoted Hairball in an interview.

Sega or Nintendo were not available for comment on this breaking news story.

TWGamer managed to provide SM64C with some high-quality screenshots of Mario in Sonic Adventure sent by RilaForpol and Arofoprlli. This screenshot was taken during a cutscene in Station Square, when you see Amy Rose, a Pink Hedgehog who has a crush on Sonic (a playable character already).

It's Mario and Amy Rose!

The screenshot above shows Amy and Mario next to the Town Hall in Station Square, during a cutscene that I can't remember. RilaForpol and Arofoprlli tell me that Mario's graphics are slightly imperfect as he was put in at a very experimental stage, and don't match the super-enhanced Graphics of the main game.

When you get Mario, he is a playable character, but his story is very short, but has 5 bosses (Chaos 0, Chaos 1, Chaos 2, Chaos 4, Chaos 6)

Now Mario is in Sonic Adventure But the next question is, how do we get him to appear? According to RilaForpol and Arofoprlli In order to get Mario, you need to be a hacker, and at the moment they are still finding a way to get him to appear without having to hack in.

This is what they can tell us:

1. Getting Mario takes place on the Egg Carrier Adventure Field, as E-102 Gamma
2. When you first see him, the Mario Music plays and he can speak, like in SM64.
3. His name on the Select Screen is 'Somari' , like the Sonic 1 hack floating around the Internet.
4. They have asked not to post their e-mail addresses in case they get mailbombed
5. They will soon release a full statement on the matter, with full hacking method and/or directions

Mario following Sonic down the Emerald Coast.

This is all the Information we have on the matter so far. We'd like to tell you more, and give you more screenshots, but we can't at the moment until RilaForpol and Arofoprlli give us them. This is a very strange matter.

-- TW

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