How to get to Yoshi's House in Super Mario Odyssey

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Having trouble finding Yoshi's House in Super Mario Odyssey?

Yoshi's House is located on a floating island in the Mushroom Kingdom. Like the other remote areas of other kingdoms, it can be only accessed through a warp painting.

But in this case, the warp painting to the Mushroom Kingdom can be accessed even before unlocking the kingdom. Otherwise, the Mushroom Kingdom can only be accessed after beating Bowser in the Moon Kingdom.

In other words, reaching Yoshi's House is pretty much a spoiler!

To get to Yoshi's House, you need to use the Mushroom Kingdom warp painting located in the Luncheon Kingdom. It's on a remote island in quadrant A5. Once you're on the island, look around and you will see a warp painting with a familiar place - Princess Peach's Castle.

Mushroom Kingdom Warp Painting

Mushroom Kingdom painting location in Luncheon Kingdom

Jump on in, and you will be transported to the Mushroom Kingdom and arrive at Yoshi's House. (Interestingly here, there's no actual house, does Yoshi just sleep on the grass or trees?)

Once you arrive, fittingly Yoshi is not home, just like he wasn't home in Super Mario World and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Yoshi's House with fireplace in Super Mario Odyssey

Be sure to touch the Checkpoint Flag and to collect the Power Moon (in the shape of a Power Star) at the top of the fireplace.

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