Warp Paintings in Super Mario 64 Explained

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In Super Mario 64, why are there paintings on the walls of Princess Peach's Castle with worlds that Mario can jump into? Where did these paintings come from?

There's actually an explanation for it, in case you don't remember. You don't actually have to go very far in the game to find out, just talk to the Toad that is hanging out near the doors to the main entrance of the castle.

When you talk to him, this is what he says:

Super Mario 64 - Toad Explaining Warp Paintings

"Am I glad to see you! The Princess...and I...and, well, everybody...we're all trapped inside the castle walls. Bowser has stolen the castle's Stars, and he's using their power to create his own world in the paintings and walls. Please recover the Power Stars! As you find them, you can use their power to open the doors that Bowser has sealed."

Princess Peach's Castle was a new way of doing an "overworld" (or hub world) for Super Mario 64. In earlier games such as Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, you physically walk around different areas on a map to enter a stage. In Super Mario 64, the castle is basically a fancy stage select system, with the main difference that you have to roam around to enter different stages. It also serves a practice area for the player to learn new moves, and in addition there are a few stars to be found in the halls of the castle as well, which adds to the allure to the game.

Basically, the paintings are self-contained worlds created by Bowser using the power of the castle's Power Stars, he has used the power to keep Toads, Peach and others captive inside the walls. This is the premise of Super Mario 64, to collect the Power Stars, rescue Peach and restore the castle.

Super Mario 64 - Toad Explaining Warp Paintings
The famous Bob-omb Battlefield Course 1 Painting

Super Mario Odyssey paid tribute to Super Mario 64 by bringing back paintings, in most cases they are used to travel between different kingdoms in the world, not entering different areas. However in the Mushroom Kingdom, there are paintings that lead to more difficult boss battles, which work like the traditional warp painting, very fitting given that this whole area was a throwback to Super Mario 64.

Now, does anyone know how warp pipes work? No idea on this one...

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