Wall Clip discovery in Super Mario Odyssey will help speedrunners

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by: Hairball

A speedrunner known as Xdxboxjaja has discovered a Super Mario 64 style "wall clipping" trick that will save some time in the Snow Kingdom.

Snow Kingdom Wall Clip

Located underground in the Icicle Cavern, Moon #18 in the Snow Kingdom known as "Ice-Dodging Goomba Stack" normally requires Mario to capture a Goomba and create a 4-level high Goomba stack in order to hit a button, which unlocks the moon hidden behind the wall.

However, simply by doing a ground pound jump, and Cappy toss and a dive, Xdxboxjaja was able to clip through the wall and get the moon! He estimates that about 8 seconds can be saved by doing this move.

Wall clipping, which is literally where Mario can go through walls is a common glitch used in Super Mario 64 speed runs, if there are more wall clips to be discovered in other areas, it will significantly reduce times for the speedrunning community!

Though, Nintendo has often fixed glitches in Super Mario Odyssey over time, so it remains to be seen how long this will last.

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