3D All-Stars Tip: How to unlock Metal Cap in Super Mario 64

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Unlike the Wing Cap and Vanish Cap, the iconic Metal Cap from Super Mario 64 is not as obvious and harder to get to. How do you unlock the Metal Cap in Super Mario 64?

The Metal Cap course is located inside Course 6 - Hazy Maze Cave. In order to reach this area, you need to first collect 8 Power Stars and complete Bowser in the Dark World.

Once you enter Hazy Maze Cave, make a left and move towards the Underground Lake.

Super Mario 64 - Unlock Metal Cap

Continue through the area with falling rocks, proceed with caution. At the end of this area there's a door at the end on the right, enter the door and take the elevator down towards the Underground Lake.

Super Mario 64 - Unlock Metal Cap

Super Mario 64 - Unlock Metal Cap

Head towards the water, and you will see a giant dinosaur roaming around the water. Jump onto Dorrie, ground pound his body, and he will lower his neck, then you would be able to step on his head.

Once on Dorrie's head, you can use the Control Stick to aim the direction you want to travel in.

There is a set of doors on a high platform (that is unreachable by normal swimming), have Dorrie move towards that direction, jump onto the platform and enter the doors.

Super Mario 64 - Unlock Metal Cap

Once you enter the doors, travel along the corridor until you reach an octagon pit of liquid metal, hop on in and you will enter the Metal Cap course.

Super Mario 64 - Unlock Metal Cap

Once inside the course, you will be automatically transformed into Metal Mario, proceed through to the end to reach the Green ! Switch, hit the switch and the Metal Cap will be available in the Green ! blocks for the rest of the game.

Super Mario 64 - Unlock Metal Cap

There are also 8 red coins in this course for one of the castle secret stars. Be careful if your Metal Cap runs out because the water flows rapidly, it can push you out of the course, leading you to the waterfall outside Princess Peach's Castle!

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