Top 5 Super Mario Snow Themed Levels

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It's cold and already feels like winter in much of the Northern Hemisphere. Mario finds himself in winter-themed levels regularly, and he's not one that's scared of the snow and ice!

Mario and Luigi are freezing in the Snow Kingdom
Brrrrrrrr! Mario and Luigi are freezing in Super Mario Odyssey

Winter doesn't always have to be dreadful, if you embrace it, it's not always so bad. Enjoy it like Mario does. Here are our picks for the Top 5 Super Mario Snow Themed Levels:

5. Freezy Flake Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Wii)

Freezy Flake Galaxy

Not the most spectacular course, but getting to witness a Snow Bowser and Snow Goombas, that makes it one of the more fun places to be at. Melting all sorts of snow objects with Fire Mario and watching Bowser change his pose with each fireball is priceless.

4. Snowball Park (Super Mario 3D World - Wii U)

Snowball Park

The Snowball Park stage is located in World 3-1. Instead of the Goomba Shoe, now there's a Goomba Skate that you can glide around in! Super Mario 3D World didn't have many moments in the cold, but this was one that was certainly special.

3. Snow Kingdom (Super Mario Odyssey - Nintendo Switch)

Snow Kingdom

The first time you arrive in the Snow Kingdom, it's right in the middle of a crazy blizzard, eventually the storm dies off. But even then, the area looks so cold and icy that it looks like you're in the middle of a glacier. But there's a place to warm up in the Shverian Town, which is located underground in the middle of the course.

2. Cool, Cool Mountain (Super Mario 64 - N64)

Cool, Cool Mountain

In Cool, Cool Mountain we are introduced to the blue penguins that have now been a staple of Mario games. Racing down a slide against a big penguin is one crazy experience, along with returning a baby penguin back to the mom penguin at the bottom of the stage. It's a great festive level that gives you plenty of winter feels.

1. Freezeflame Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy - Wii)

Freezeflame Galaxy

This area is both hot and cold, with fire and ice throughout, you have to alternate between Fire Mario and Ice Mario depending on your task at hand. It's awesome to be skating around as Mario, and it's even cooler being Ice Mario where you freeze the surface into ice as you glide through!

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