Top 10 Wanderlust Destinations in the Super Mario series

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Over the years, Mario has been on a lot of adventures and has travelled extensively - something that a lot of broke, entitled millennials wish they could do. Mario is a journeyman, a traveller, and the fearless plumber will go anywhere to rescue his damsel-in-distress Princess Peach!

Here are the 10 places that will give you, and Mario the wanderlust feels, that you've been missing after months and months of lockdowns.

10. Shifting Sand Land (Super Mario 64)

Shifting Sand Land

Mario's adventure in the desert will let him get a great pose with the giant pyramid with one of those four pillars. Watch out for that pesky Klepto who wants to steal your cap!

9. Tall, Tall Mountain (Super Mario 64)

Tall Tall Mountain

This course has the nicest views in Super Mario 64, featuring a waterfall which is the centrepiece. As you scale the mountain, Mario encounters numerous tight squeezes, and many encounters with Ukiki the monkey, who will also want to steal your cap.

8. Bowser Kingdom (Super Mario Odyssey)

Bowser Kingdom

Being in the Bowser Kingdom feels like you are seeing real temples in Japan. However, with a much more eerie kind of feeling. Although it is Bowser-themed, interestingly the Koopa King himself is not here to greet you.

7. Freezeframe Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)

Freezeframe Galaxy

This galaxy is hot and cold, much like the relationship you had with your ex-girlfriend. Skating around on the ice is so calm and solemn, but all that fire balances out the cold!

The best views are found in the Freezy Peak which is a wonderful winter wonderland.

6. Rosalina's Comet Observatory (Super Mario Galaxy)

Castle Gardens / Star Festival

The hub world of Super Mario Galaxy is a spacecraft that feels like a giant carnival, as you collect more Power Stars, more areas are accessible for Mario to launch to further galaxies. The calming music in this area can't be beat. Makes for a great place to get a nap...

5. The Great Tower of Bowser Land (Super Mario 3D World)

The Great Tower of Bowser Land

The final Bowser battle in Super Mario 3D World is lit, it's a giant festival featuring the King of the Koopas, with a giant tower up in the sky where Mario can meet his long-time nemesis that has picked up cat powers.

4. Castle Gardens (Super Mario Galaxy)

Castle Gardens / Star Festival

Being at the Star Festival in Super Mario Galaxy is a beautiful sight! Mario arrives at the scene at the beginning of the game here. All the Toads there are cheering you on, and the area around Peach's castle looks great at nighttime. It's a nice reward to come back here after getting all the stars in Super Mario Galaxy.

3. Pinna Park (Super Mario Sunshine)

Pinna Park

Not everyone is into amusement parks, but when you're Mario it's a nice place to drop in for some fun! If only you can snap a selfie in Super Mario Sunshine!

2. Delfino Plaza (Super Mario Sunshine)

Delfino Plaza

Isle Delfino is a nice relaxing place, the Delfino Plaza feels like a high-end resort you would find in Hawaii with the beach on the side and a volcano that looks like it is about to erupt. This is the main hub area and there are lots of goodies for you to collect!

The island is in the shape of a dolphin, "delfino" means dolphin in Italian!

1. New Donk City / Metro Kingdom (Super Mario Odyssey)

New Donk City

Arriving at New Donk City is much like visiting New York City in real life. It's a bustling metropolis with yellow taxis, skyscrapers and a ton of Donkey Kong references, what's not to like? The New Donkers that roam around seem pretty soulless much like New Yorkers. The tallest building is the New Donk City Hall which is based on the Empire State Building, and Mario can climb all the way up to the top with ease!

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