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Back in 1996, Nintendo marketed the N64 as "the fun machine". As one of the launch games for the console, Super Mario 64 is a game that has featured plenty of fun moments for both experienced and novice gamers alike. To celebrate the launch of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, let's look back at the most enjoyable moments in Super Mario 64.

Throughout 2020, there has been rampant speculation of a Super Mario 64 remake for Switch coming along, allowing a new generation of gamers to experience one of the best Mario games ever made, the first of the 3D era. It has finally arrived with the release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars for the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.

There were plenty of great moments in Super Mario 64, but here are our Top 10 Fun Moments in Super Mario 64:

10. Playing around with Mario's face

Super Mario 64 - Mario's face

Perhaps added as an easter egg, or as something to show off the N64's 3D capabilities. The startup screen in Super Mario 64 actually allows you to play around with various parts of Mario's face, pulling and stretching as if it was completely elastic. It feels like torture to our plumber hero, but it is something fun and neat to have.

9. Freedom of Movement

Super Mario 64 - Mario long jump and triple jump

Since Super Mario 64 is Mario's first 3D game, we are introduced to a bunch of new moves that we have never had before, giving Mario an enormous amount of freedom. Besides running and jumping like in 2D games, Mario is also able to punch, kick, do double jumps, triple jumps and even long jumps adding an arsenal of different moves to aid on his mission to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser.

8. Launching Mario from cannons

Super Mario 64 - Pink Bob-omb setting up the cannon

Right off the bat, we are introduced to cannons as a way of getting around many areas of Super Mario 64. They are operated by the friendly Pink Bob-ombs, and shooting Mario out of a cannon is just another outrageous way of transportation that has found its way into future Mario games.

7. "L is Real 2401" / "Eternal Star"

Super Mario 64 - Eternal Star / L is Real 2401

There's an infamous star statue in Princess Peach's castle courtyard with a sign that has been the source of speculation for years, and with various jokes and hoaxes.

Although it has been proven in source code leaks that Luigi may have once been in Super Mario 64, he never made the cut into Super Mario 64. But the conspiracies just never will die.

6. Meeting Yoshi on the rooftop

Super Mario 64 - Yoshi on the roof

After collecting all 120 Power Stars, we can reach the top of Princess Peach's castle, to see our old friend Yoshi. As exciting as it is to see him, the meeting is brief, he'll thank you on behalf of the developers, and he'll give you 100 lives and a special triple jump.

But if you already collected all the stars, it's kind of useless, right? And yes, the typo is still there in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection.

5. Riding a Koopa shell

Super Mario 64 - Riding Koopa shell

Koopa shells are always versatile. This is yet another fun power-up, stepping on top of a Koopa shell allows Mario to ride it like a skateboard, allowing him to take out small enemies like Goombas, and traverse hazardous areas such as lava and frigid ice.

4. Rocking the Metal Cap

Super Mario 64 - Metal Mario

The Green "!" blocks feature the awesome Metal Cap turning Mario into Metal Mario. This is the new starman, giving Mario invincibility along with the ability to sink into water. Not only that, there is great music to accompany the power-up, it's sooooo 90s but it's sooooo awesome!

3. Racing against Koopa the Quick

Super Mario 64 - Koopa the Quick

Koopa the Quick is the first-ever friendly Koopa Troopa that we encounter in the Mario universe, he's big and oversized, is a chill dude, and you get to race him across two stages to get power stars in Bob-omb Battlefield and Tiny-Huge Island, Koopas are awesome characters to encounter in Mario games.

It's so ironic to be racing a turtle, so this one ranks into the top 3.

2. Meeting and Racing the Big Penguin

Super Mario 64 - Penguin Race

Early into the game, we are introduced to the Big Blue Penguins that have since been a staple in the Mario universe. They are cute and friendly, and racing against one of these guys on an icy, snowy slide is a big thrill!

If you come back after 120 stars, you will see he got a lot, fatter!

1. Spinning Bowser around by the tail

Super Mario 64 - Spinning bowser

It makes absolutely no sense how Mario can spin Bowser around by his tail. Bowser is ginormous! Mario must have grown some serious muscle in order to throw him around like a ragdoll in battle. Spinning Bowser around is not only epic, but it's the most "fun" moment of Super Mario 64!

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