3D All-Stars Tip: How to Long Jump in Super Mario Sunshine

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by: Hairball

Both new and old gamers alike can experience Super Mario Sunshine once again with the release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars for the Nintendo Switch.

One of the first questions that might come to mind when you play this game is…

How do you do a long jump in Super Mario Sunshine?

This might be a shocker to veterans of 3D Mario games, but there is no way to do a long jump in Super Mario Sunshine. You simply can't, the move does not exist.

For most of the game, Mario is equipped with FLUDD which offers a hovering ability while spraying water. Perhaps because of this reason, the developers thought that Mario is ok without his signature long jump ability.

Super Mario Sunshine - No Long Jumps in the Secret Areas
There is no FLUDD in the secret areas, good luck without long jumping…

The long jump simply isn't a mechanic that exists at all in Sunshine, it's like he had amnesia after gaining the ability in Super Mario 64 and forgot how to do it while arriving on Isle Delfino. He's still able to double jumps, triple jumps and wall jumps, so what gives here?

However, the secret levels where you do not have FLUDD are some of the most brutal parts of the game. These areas are very difficult to do because they are traditional platforming segments, where you are without FLUDD to help you hover and there's no long jump either. It makes Mario's agility very limited.

Super Mario Sunshine - No Long Jumps in the Secret Areas
A long jump here would make life way easier, why did Mario forget how to do one?

You will have to rely on a standard jump, double jumps, triple jumps, and side somersaults to make your way to the Power Shine at the end.

There's no great alternative to long jumps, which are sorely missed in this game, however there are three ways that can help make your platforming tasks a little easier.

One way is to simply do a standard jump by pressing B with a running start, the type of jumps that are in traditional 2D Mario games, then throw in a well-timed dive by pressing Y to cover some more territory. It's still not as good as the long jumps in Super Mario 64, Galaxy or Odyssey.

The second way, try to do a side somersault to cover some ground. It can be awkward to perform but basically face the opposite direction that you want to go, run a few steps and then turn the control stick around and hit B to jump.

The third way is to do a spin-jump by turning the control stick and hit B to jump, and Mario will spin upwards like a propeller giving him major air time. The downside is that it is really hard to control his movement in this manner.

Playing a 3D Mario game without long jumps just doesn't seem right, but we hope that these tips can make your Super Mario Sunshine adventure a little bit more uplifting.

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