3D All-Stars Tip: How many stars are in Super Mario Galaxy?

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So it's been a long time since you played Super Mario Galaxy, or you're experiencing the game for the first time in Super Mario 3D All-Stars and you're wondering how many Power Stars are in the game. We'll help you answer this question!

Mario collecting a power star in Super Mario Galaxy

What are the minimum number of Power Stars needed to beat Super Mario Galaxy?

To reach the final Bowser battle in Bowser's Galaxy Reactor at the "center of the universe", requires collecting a minimum 60 Power Stars, 5 of which must be Grand Stars which provide power for Rosalina's Comet Observatory.

Mario collecting a grand star in Super Mario Galaxy
You'll need five Grand Stars to reach the final Bowser stage in Super Mario Galaxy

How many total Power Stars are in Super Mario Galaxy?

Answering this question will require a little more detail.

When playing through as Mario, there are 120 Power Stars, after collecting all 120, you can then play as Luigi, and collect the same 120 Power Stars again, giving a total of 240 standard Power Stars.

But wait, after you collect all 120 Power Stars with Mario and with Luigi, a bonus stage - Grand Finale Galaxy is unlocked, giving one more Power Star for Mario and Luigi to collect. This makes 121 Power Stars for each Mario bro, and a total of 242 Power Stars in the entirety of Super Mario Galaxy.

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