PDP Pixel Pal Mario - Super Mario World Review

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by: Hairball

Super Mario World is one my my all time favourite video games, I was quite ecstatic to see a Super Mario World Pixel Pal Mario from PDP, so I had to pick one up!

This Pixel Pal Mario is in his 16-bit Super Mario form, standing with his signature victory pose which he does after going past a goal gate to complete a stage in the game.

PDP Pixel Pal Super Mario World

Although this pose does look quite nice, it would have been even better if PDP made a Pixel Pal with Cape Mario or with Yoshi since these are more iconic representations from Super Mario World. However, this "V" pose has some great positive vibes, so I'm fine with how it is.

The detail of the Pixel Pal is excellent, it's a true pixel by pixel representation of the Super Mario World sprite. It really does feel like bringing the little icon from the game into real life, sort of like how it would be if you were playing Super Mario World on a gigantic screen.

PDP Pixel Pal Super Mario World with SNES Classic

Pixel Pals are powered by 3 AAA batteries. When you want it to be lit up, just turn on the display. In the dark, it's surprisingly bright as the Pixel Pal is powered by LED lights.

This was my first Pixel Pal and even without turning on the lights, it still looks great. It's a nice little trophy to put next to your video game collection, such as with your Super NES or Super NES Classic. It's something that can express the true passionate gamer in you - perfect for Super Mario World fans.

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