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I've long been a big fan of PDP's controllers, they have been selling quality products at a good price, providing exceptional value for gamers.

In the past, third party controllers have long been mediocre and subpar, however PDP has certainly stepped up the game since they have officially been licensed by Nintendo.

The PDP Wired Fight Pad Pro is inspired by the original GameCube controller and comes in a variety of character designs. I purchased the red version which features Mario's "M" emblem. The design of the product looks spectacular and it does not feel like a cheap product at all, it's one of the best third party controllers I've used.

PDP Fight Pad Pro is the best N64 controller

This is essentially a new version of the Fight Pad which functioned as a Classic Controller for the Wii remote, which was supported on both the Wii and Wii U. The difference is the Fight Pad Pro has a USB connector to connect to the Switch.

This controller functions well as a Switch controller for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - the target market for this controller is Smash players. For most other Switch games, the button layout is a bit out of place, and not all games have configurable controls. In addition, it does not have rumble or motion controls. It does however have an extra trigger button on the left hand side which does not exist on the GameCube controller.

The Fight Pad Pro controller excels the most when it is connected to a PC to be used in emulators such as Project64. It comes with a standard USB connector - you can plug and play and it is instantly recognized by Windows 10 as a game controller.

This is as close to an official GameCube controller as it gets. GameCube controllers are excellent for N64 games as well, and here's why.

The main "B" and "A" buttons have the same alignment as the GameCube controller. The awkward N64 "C" directional buttons can be mapped to the right C-stick. And we also have the two pairs of trigger buttons. Oh and the control pad is also more accessible.

The three-pronged N64 controller was interesting, but the GameCube design is far more refined.

I've been playing several N64 games using the Fight Pad Pro, such as Super Mario 64, GoldenEye 007 and Diddy Kong Racing. While not the same as a N64 controller, I found using the Fight Pad Pro provided an excellent gameplay experience, it was very smooth and felt very natural, the control sticks and buttons are all very responsive and have a good feel.

If you are in the market for a controller for playing retro games, the PDP Fight Pad Pro is the best choice to add to your hardware collection.

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