How to Order Additional Super Mario 35th Pins Using Nintendo Store Loophole

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Unfortunately, it's another case of the rich getting richer. If you were lucky enough to be able to order a set of the coveted Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary pins, there is a loophole that can let you order an additional set of this limited-edition item! Here's how you can do it.

Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary pin set

UPDATE - Oct 24, 2020 - Just got a second set of Mario 35th pins shipped from the Nintendo store, I'm expecting the delivery to arrive next week.

UPDATE - Oct 27, 2020 - I've received both sets of Mario 35th pins today in the mail!

Two Sets of Super Mario 35th Anniversary Pins

Normally, on the Nintendo Online Store (for US and Canada), to add the Super Mario 35th pin set to the shopping cart, you need to input a My Nintendo promo code that is obtained from completing the My Nintendo missions (codes are currently no longer being issued) for Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

However, if you had a successful order with the Super Mario 35th pin set, there's a way to order another set on your account.

Nintendo Store Reorder

On the store website, at the top of the page click "Order & Lists" then choose "My Orders" and for the order with a pin set, click the "Reorder" link and you can add the pin set back into your shopping cart without a promo code.

Nintendo Store Reorder

This loophole will seemingly work with any in-stock item that is tied to a My Nintendo promo code that you have previously ordered, it is not limited to the Super Mario 35th pin set.

Once the pin set is in your shopping cart, you can proceed with the order as usual, and you'll have to pay for the shipping costs to get your item.

Given the scarcity of this item, don't expect this to last, as there's a good chance Nintendo might catch on to this and cancel your order. But it doesn't hurt to try to see if you can land an extra set of pins which can be an awesome Christmas gift for a Nintendo fan!

Shoutout to @nintendogeek64 on Twitter who had also discovered this trick!

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