Speedrunner Skips Moon Kingdom 2D Section in Super Mario Odyssey

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by: Hairball

A Super Mario Odyssey speedrunner known as miiwii912 has managed to perform an interesting maneuver to skip the 2D escape section with Bowser in the Moon Kingdom.

After "defeating" Bowser in the Moon Kingdom to rescue Princess Peach, there's an escape sequence to get out of the crumbling moon cavern (one of the best moments in Super Mario Odyssey). Mario uses Cappy to capture Bowser with Peach on his shoulder to get out of this area.

One part of this escape is a 2D section, which by entering you become a 2D Bowser, while 2D blocks disintegrate. However, with a complicated set of jumps on the side of the structure which has some tiny invisible platforms that were left in by developers, it's supposedly possible to get out without entering it all!

2D Bowser Skip

Combined with other 2D section skips, he claims that "it is now possible to beat Super Mario Odyssey without entering a 2D section." For example, the 2D sections in Cascade Kingdom and Sand Kingdom can be also skipped with specially timed jumps.

This is definitely a cool little tidbit, give it a try if you really do not like the 2D look of Mario!

Source: https://twitter.com/miiwii912/status/1253098282106015744

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